My Fitness Journey


Hey! Thanks for stopping by to read about Lil ol me. So, growing up I had no concern of health or wellness! I survived off of fried chicken and hot Cheetos (by choice) up until my junior year of college, which is when my health and wellness journey began. I started by walking and running A LOT, then in turn my body responded to certain foods in different ways, some good some bad. This “body and food "relationship was new and different for me. This new relationship also made me adopt the life motto “tell your body what it is going to do, don’t let your body tell you what it is going to do”.

With this new way of thinking, I started to change my eating habits, workout routines, sleeping schedule, one step at a time. NOTHING happens overnight I was going strong 2013-2016 then I tore my ACL which resulted in knee surgery, that definitely put a big pause in things. I restarted my journey in 2018 and it’s the best thing I could have done! After graduating college (B.S Health Sciences), completing physical therapy, and moving to a new state, fitness played a major role in helping me stay structured and discipline.

Now fast forward a few years, I have now worked with so many amazing people that goals range from weight gain, to weight loss, and also post op/maintain! Knowing first hand how fitness can enhance ANYONE life I have such a deep passion and appreciation for it which lead to me starting 21/5 Grind.

About the business; 21/5 Grind was founded by Theresa Moore, September 26, 2020. Did you know 2/15 is Theresa’s birthday!? (Clever I know) But, it’s also a life motto. “Because no one makes the right decision 24/7”, if you strive to make the right decision 21hours of the day and at least 5 days a week (21/5), you are on a great path if I must say! 21/5 Grind believes deeply that the body and mind works hand in hand, which is why WELLNESS is the approach taken here at 21/5 Grind.

Not only do we work on the physical, but also mental, discipline, self motivation etc. With wellness being the core of 21/5 Grind, exercises are based around functional daily movements that can be used in and out of the gym; calisthenics, weight training, resistance band training, HIIT, etc.